Roger Blasco Cardona

Sound Technician / Visual and Performing Arts

I've developed and focused my career in the world of visual and performing arts.

Vast experience in recording location sound, sound design and sound post-production.

Extensive background in theatre plays, documentary film and music.

Own equipment.

Sound design and audio post production projects for stage , film and television .

Principal Projects


Sound design for Kloscara CO of the feature film 'Tigre Callejero',
based on the comic by Ertito Montana,
screenplay and directed by Ivan Mulero, 2021


Sound Design for Vimema of the short film 'Fase 5' ,
screenplay and directed by  Carles Valdés,  2020


Sound dessign for Nadir Films of the short film 'Ascenso' ,
screenplay and direction by  Juanjo Giménez,  2020


Sound Designs for theatre company Lazzigags of the theatre play 'Tercets' 
by Joan Oliver
directed by Artur Trias, 2019

Aug - Sep'18

Sound Design for Polar Star Films
of the short film 'Tempesta' 
by Marta González, 2019

Oct'11 - Feb'18

Sound Design and re-recording mixer for Inicia Films of the feature film
'Summer 1993' written and directed by Carla Simón, 2017

and of the documentaries
'Dalí & Lacroix Through the Objetive by
Céline Formentin and  Antonio Pérez Molero, 2017
'La Intérprete '  by Antonio Pérez Molero, 2015
'La meva escola' by Antonio Pérez Molero, 2012
'Colgados de un sueño' by Antonio Pérez Molero,  2011
'Opera Prima' by Valérie Delpierre, 2011

Jan - Feb'18

Audio post production for Typeform of the documentary  'From Limbo to Launch'
by Alex Bravo, 2018

Jun'16 & Sep'16

Sound Design for Cia. Roberto G. Alonso of the shows  
'La fragilitat dels verbs transitius'  by Roberto G. ALonso
released on Grec Festival 2016
'A mi no me escribió Tenessee Williams'  by Marc Rosich & R.G.Alonso
 released on Fira Tàrrega 2016

Jun'14 - Aug'14

Sound Design for Clack
of the documentary 
'Bon cop de falç'
by Eloi Aymerich, 2014

Feb'15 - Jan'19

Sound Design for Mussol Produccións on the short films
'Inquietante'  by Quim Bundó, 2019
'Evil'  by Quim Bundó, 2018
'Gentlemen'  by Quim Bundó, 2016
'L'Altre costat'  by Quim Bundó, 2015

May'11 - Apr'14

Sound Design for ESCAC films of the short films
'Una hora un paso' by Bernat Gual and Aitor Iturriza,  2015
'El Centinela' by Bernat Gual and Aitor Iturriza, 2014
'Dios por el cuello' by José Trigueiros, 2012
'Cuando estalle la mañana' by Pablo A. Suárez, 2010

Training for about 21 years in theater , musicals , concerts, plays on tour ...

Principal Projects

Dec'18 - Nov'21

Sound Technician for La Perla 29 on the theatre plays
'Filumena Marturano'
by Eduardo De Filippo, directed by Oriol Broggi, 2021

'When I sing the Mountain dances'
from the novel by Irene Solà,
dramatúrgy by Claudia Cedó,
 directed by Guillem Albà and Joan Arqué, 2021

'The Unwomanly Face of War'
from texts by Svetlana Aleksiévitx,
translation to catalan by Miquel Cabal and Marta Rebón,
dramaturgy by Oriol Broggi and Clara Segura,
directed by Oriol Broggi, 2020

'Assoiffés' by Wajdi Mouawad and Benoît Vermeulen,
translation to catalan by Ramon Vila  , directed by Oriol Broggi, 2020

'Juste la fin du monde' by Jean-Luc Lagarce,
translation to catalan by Ramon Vila , directed by Oriol Broggi, 2020

'I Have Been Here Before' by J.B. Priestley,
translation to catalan by Martí Gallén , directed by Sergi Belbel, 2019

'The Beauty Queen of Leenane' by Martin McDonagh ,
translation to catalan by Vicky Peña,
directed by Júlio Manrique,  2019

'El Petit Príncep' by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry,
adaptation by Àngel Llàcer, Marc Artigau and Manu Guix, 2014

Dec'02 - Oct'21

Technical management of theatre company Lazzigags Sound and Light Design of the play
'Tom Sawyer Detectiu' by Mark Twain,
adaptation by Miquel Agell, 2014

Technical management of the plays
'Aquells blaus turons',
'La mort', 'L'Orquestra va de festa', 'Pippi Langstrump',
'Sherlock Holmes', 'Sitcom'
, among others

Aug'10 - Nov'18

Technical management of the company Apunta Teatre Sound Design of the play:
'A voz ahogada' by Iván Campillo, 2016

Light and Sound Design of the plays
'Els còmics d'una nit d'estiu' by Iván Campillo,  2014
'Totes les parelles ho fan' by Iván Campillo, 2013
'Tu digues que l'estimes' by Iván Campillo, 2012

Light Design of the play
'Salvem les balenes' by Iván Campillo, 2010


Sound Technician on the musical play Nevares Mixing live, production and post-production sound of the play by
Pere Calders , adapted by Ignasi Roda and played on Festival Grec de Barcelona 2014.

Oct'09 - Sep'10

Techcnical management on Teatre del Raval Light and Sound design of the play '12 Homes sense pietat'

Jun'07 - Sep'08

FOH sound techician for Ocesa Teatro on Ciudad de México, on the musical plays
'Los productores' on C.C.Telmex until October 2007
'Tick tick boom' on Teatro Rafael Solana the season 2007/08

and the play
'Adorables enemigas' on Teatro Diego Rivera the season 2007/08

Sep'05 - Dec'05

Technical management of Espai Brossa. during the first quarter of the season 2005/06

Sep'03 - Gen'05

Technical management of Artenbrut. during the season 2003/04
and the first quarter of the season 2004/05

Sep'02 - Oct'02

Mike operator for 1880 producciones. on the musical plays 'Jekkyl & Hyde' and 'Annie'

Location sound recording for films and TV

Principal Projects

Jul'15 - Sep'20

Location sound for Vimema on the advertisements of Euroleague'15 , Euroleague'16 , Euroleague'17 and Euroleague '18
among others


Location sound recording for SetMàgic
of the episode El café,
of TV seriesGente Hablando 2
by Álvaro Carmona.


Location sound recordingfor Mallerich Films of the documentary Jaume Plensa - Can you hear me?
by Pedro Ballesteros.

May'16 - Jun'16

Location Sound recording for Creativo Production on the spanish set of the egyptian film The Other land
by Ali Edries 2016

May'10 - May'15

Sound recordist for Parallel 40 on the documentaries
Plaça Catalunya, èxit o fracàs? by Eva Martínez & Lluís Permanyer
A Escena  by Edgar Costa
El gran somni d'en Rudloff  by Andreas Strasser
Fora de Joc by Sergi Moreno
Nunes. Anarquia Visual by Medi Terraza
El venedor de roses d'Irene Segalés
El ritme del remolc by Clara Aliaguilla
...among others...

May'10 - Dec'13

Sound recordist for Sunomono on advertisements and corporative films

Sep' 13

Sound recordist for Oriental Films on the documentary 'La esencia de Carolina Herrera'
by Guillermo Rocamora 2014

May'08 - Apr'09

Location Sound and post-production for Habanero films on advertisements and corporative films on Ciudad de México.

May'08 - Apr'09

Location sound for Estudio de producción on advertisements and corporative films on Ciudad de México.

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